Everything you need to know about Pigeon Whole Bakers.

What is Sourdough?

Sourdough bread is made using naturally occurring yeast and bacteria (found on the flour and in the environment) to leaven the loaf. Our sourdoughs do not contain any commercially cultured yeast. True sourdough bread (like ours) is made from three basic ingredients – flour, water and salt.

Is all of your bread sourdough?

Most but not all. We do produce some fresh yeasted bread when the style calls for it.

Is your bread vegan?

Again, most of our breads are. We use dairy in our brioche and there is honey in our Seed & Honey and our Patey’s Rye.

Where is your flour from?

We source our flour from All Grain Mill and Whole grain Milling in N.S.W as well as Van Diemen Stone Flour Mills and Tasmanian Flour Mills in Tasmania.

Do you make gluten free products?

At this stage PWB does not offer any gluten free options. As we are an active bakery, cross contamination is far too prevalent to make something truly gluten free.